Robofest eAcademy Workshops & Other Resources

Game workshop materials for each year will be available only to registered coaches.

Lego Spike Prime/Robot Inventor Game Workshop Materials

Vexcode Software & Workshop Materials

Python for EV3 Workshop Materials

Robot Mesh Studio Software & Workshop Materials

Lego EV3 Exhibition Workshop Materials  

Lego EV3 Game Workshop Materials

RobotC Software & Workshop Materials

Lego EV3 Day Camp Materials  

Arduino Micro Controller Camp Materials

‚ÄčLego NXT Workshop Materials

Robotics Curriculum

Examples and Ideas for Robofest Exhibitions

NASA Robotics Education Project 

First Time Coaches' Corner for RoboRelay by Dr. Miller

Lego Robot & EE Classes at LTU by Dr. Miller

Introduction to Robotics for Robofest